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Hello everyone. I am Darrel and just like everyone else on the planet I went through my ups and downs in life. I am now writing and publishing my stories so that they can help someone else live a happier and easier life through the experience's that I have been through. If my stories and experiences can help someone else in their life then I'm happy. Throughout my E-books I will tell you my life events and how I overcame them. I will also share with you all on how I view the world.  

Currently with me writing my E-books, I am also a small business owner. Within my business I 3D print custom parts for remote control vehicles. There are other industries that I use my 3D printing skills for when asked. I find myself to be a hands on person where I enjoy creating something new and different. I also get to learn something new and meet others that share in similar interest. 

I love and enjoy what I do now and I wouldn't change a thing about it. 

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