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My Life Behind Bars



This is a true story about my life where I was incarcerated at George W. Hill Correctional Facility. I explain how I found myself to become arrested and how my life changed while incarcerated.

Icy Poetry



These poems were written within different years and stages in my life. It represents what a lot of us think but will not say. There are works that express humor, love, reality and sadness. Each poem has its own story to tell.

Life as a success



Here I will explain what I think it means to be successful in life. There are people and things that you need in life and then you have those you need to stay away from. 

Earth Poetry.jpg

Earth Poetry



We still haven't learned our lessons in life. Some things just need to be said out loud so we can get a clear understanding of what we are doing and what is to come. These poems hit on a different level and will make you really think about life differently.

Coming Soon

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